When it comes to manufacturing and general metal/woodworking there is no doubt that a CNC machine is a very good investment. Not only can a CNC machine help you scale your production to the next level, but it can also help you save on labor costs, improve safety measures, maintain quality control and produce a variety of products.

Despite all these benefits, there is one catch that always puts people off. Quite simply the price. There is no doubt that CNC machines are expensive. In fact the majority of these CNC machines can range between 50k up to 500k+ per machine. With that being said, the majority of people are put in a dilemma. Forgo quality to save on costs, or go into debt and break the bank trying to scale your businesses production? If you ask us, our solution is simple… used cnc machines.

Keeping this in mind, our article is going to focus on outlining the top 8 benefits of using CNC machines. Let’s go through them one by one.

Top 6 Benefits of Buying a Used CNC Machine

Benefit #1 - Cost Efficient


The first undeniable benefit of buying a used CNC machine is that it's very ideal in terms of affordability and price. Whether you buy from a machining supplier or buy from an auction both these options will always be cheaper than buying a brand new CNC machine. Despite this, it is critical to ensure that if you decide to buy a used machine that you do so from a reputable supplier. Purchasing from a poorly recognized supplier can lead to unfortunate incidents such as machine breakdown and long-term additional costs.

Benefit #2- Easy Replacement


Another benefit of used CNC machines is that they can be purchased from third party sellers as opposed to new CNC machines which more often than not, require multiple weeks on end to be delivered to you. This is largely attributed to the fact that in order to buy a new CNC machine you need to wait for the manufacturer to approve the order. This can take multiple months which may not be ideal for you if you are looking for a quicker solution or faster replacement. Fortunately, used CNC machines rectify both these concerns.

Benefit #3- Mitigate risk of Depreciation


Due to the fact that used CNC machines are more affordable, also allows them to be lower risk when it comes to depreciation costs. Considering that used CNC machines have already endured the initial depreciation implies that as a buyer you are getting the most value out of the used CNC machine when you choose to use it. Additionally, because of the lower costs and incurred level of depreciation, as a buyer you have the potential to resell the used machine which typically benefits from high demand and reap short-term profit if you do decide that you need to liquidate your used cnc machine.

Benefit #4- High Quality

Another benefit of buying a used CNC machine is the high level of quality these machines provide. As long as if you buy a used CNC machine from a reputable supplier, you can be rest assured that these used machines are routinely inspected and monitored in order to ensure that they are fully functional. This allows you to not only reap the benefits of a high quality machine that has been tested, but also enjoy the cost savings associated with getting a high value machine at a fraction of the price. 

Benefit #5 - Numerous Financing Options

In addition to the functional benefits of purchasing a used CNC machine, there are also many financial benefits. Among these benefits include the multitude of financing options available for used CNC machines. Considering that new machines are often not allowed to be valued by private companies on the manufacturers behalf, used CNC machines which are often sold by dealers partnered with financing companies usually are able to provide more purchasing and financing options to you. This again, makes used CNC machines a very promising and cost-effective investment.

Benefit #6- High reliability

Lastly, used CNC machines are highly reliable when purchased from a reputable supplier. Considering that used CNC machines have been passed from previous owners, you are able to request lots of documentation regarding seller history and maintenance records to better understand the origin of your CNC machine. This allows you to be better informed when seeking to purchase your CNC machine.

Choose The Right Supplier!

At Gizmo Machine Tools, we currently have a variety of options if you are looking to buy a used CNC machine for your business As a Canadian corporation we service internationally in buying, selling and trading of machinery. With over 18 years of experience in the manufacturing industry our company focuses on providing customers with an alternative to expensive new machinery, when tooling up for a job or replacing existing capital equipment. If you have any questions or require assistance feel free to contact us today and we would love to help!