30 KVA Step Down Transformer - (600V to 208/120V)

30 KVA Step Down Transformer - (600V to 208/120V)

C$1,400 (CAD)

Available quantity: 6

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We offer a 30kVA Step-Down Transformer, engineered to provide efficient voltage conversion for your electrical systems. Designed for industrial and commercial applications, this transformer ensures a seamless transition from a high primary voltage of 600V to a lower secondary voltage of 208/120V, meeting the diverse needs of your power distribution requirements.

Certifications and Compliance:

This transformer complies with industry standards, meeting safety and performance requirements. It is certified and approved for use in various electrical applications, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your electrical systems' integrity.


ManufacturerRex Mfg.
* Capacity30kVA
* Input Voltage600V
* Output Voltage208/120V
* Frequency60Hz
* Winding MaterialCopper
* Cooling TypeNatural