Perfect SG-60120AHD Surface Grinder, Year 2019


Perfect SG-60120AHD Surface Grinder, Year 2019

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This versatile machine comes with an impressive array of standard equipment, including a wheel flange, balancing arbour, wheel extractor, and a built-in electromagnetic chuck controller. Additional amenities such as a working lamp, toolbox, and a PLC auto grinding controller. Optional accessories like a wheel stand and a standard magnetic chuck are also available. Each machine has been carefully inspected by Gizmo Machine Tools INC, ensuring it meets the highest standards for performance and reliability. With Perfect's engineering and Gizmo's quality assurance, you can invest in a grinding machine designed for both precision and durability.


Standard Equipment:

Wheel flange

Balancing arbor

Wheel exactor

Coolant tank

Working Lamp

Wheel dresser

Standard grinding wheel

Foundation bolt

Levelling Pads

Standard magnetic chuck with built-in electromagnetic chuck controller

PLC auto grinding controller AHD models

Optional Accessories

Wheel stand

Coolant tank with magnetic separator

Coolant tank with paper filter

Coolant with magnetic separator and paper


Serial Number1904043
Stock NumberGRD-PFT-730
Table Size650 MM x1250MM
Max Grind (W x L)610 MM x 1200MM
Max distance from table to spindle center600 MM
Magnetic Chuck Size 1000 x 600 x 1MM
Speed of table longitudinal movement5-25 M/MIN
Wheel head cross movement Auto feed0.5-20 MM/T
Wheel head cross Rapid speed movement1.25 MM/MIN
Wheel head cross movement feed of hand wheel0.02 MM/DIV
Wheel head vertical movement Auto feed0.005\0.01\0.015\0.02\0.03\0.04 MM/T
Wheel head vertical movement Rapid Feed230 MM/MIN
Wheel head vertical movement feed of hand wheel0.002 MM/DIV
960(14050) Wheel Speed1450(50Hz) \1740(60Hz) RPM
960(14050) Wheel Size355x (20-50) x124 MM
Motor of spindle7.5 KW
Max loading capacity of table970 KG
Total rated power14 KW
Height of machine2390 (include the packing base) MM
Floor space4740 MM x2750 MM
Gross weight6500 KG